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Your Guide to Paddling Brentwood Bay and Tod Inlet

Updated: May 26

Where should I paddle around Brentwood Bay? One of the most scenic and popular destinations in the area is Tod Inlet! This area is extremely sheltered and has little to no currents or wind. This makes it an ideal place to paddle as a beginner or experienced paddler alike. If you are launching from Verdier park or renting from Pacifica it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours round trip. At the end of Tod Inlet there is a gravel and sand beach which is a great place to picnic, rest, or go for a little walk. There are numerous hiking trails and a bathroom located at the top of the beach as well as a couple benches and numerous informative placards about the history of the area, native wildlife and more! If you go ashore make sure to bring your boat high up on the beach to ensure that the tides don’t sweep your equipment out to sea. This is a great route to see otters, seals, heron, jellyfish, and even eagles if you're lucky! For safety reasons we recommend sticking close to the shoreline to avoid boats and other hazards in the bay. Additionally, make sure to keep an eye out for the Mill Bay ferry and maintain a safe distance from the larger vessels in the area. The ferry docks directly next to Portside Marina and runs on an hourly basis from Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay which is located across the Saanich inlet alongside the Malahat highway. 

Here is an enlarged map of Brentwood Bay and the ideal route to get to Tod Inlet. We provide every customer with a copy of this map which contains estimated distances/durations as well as essential contact information in case of any questions or an emergency.

Until next time,  

Pacifica Paddle

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