Storage Options

Storing Kayaks, Canoes and SUPs

Your boat is waiting for you on the rack at the waters edge, and Pacifica staff will gently slide you onto the water.

Can it get any easier?

Are you tired of hauling your boat from home, loading it on the car, and getting your feet wet doing a beach launch every time you want to paddle? Store your vessel at our FLOATING KAYAK CENTER WITH A LAUNCH RAMP

We offer storage racks at both of our Brentwood Bay or Swartz Bay shops, so you can have an easy start to your paddling excursion. There are good paddling days in every month of the year,  and easy access to the water means you're more motivated to paddle often.

Want  to explore more of the peninsula? Store your vessel at Brentwood Bay for a couple months, then switch to Swartz Bay, and expand your adventures! Brentwood is calm, protected waters, ideal for the spring and fall, and Swartz Bay is the ultimate gateway to the Gulf Islands (you'll never get bored there). 


We can accommodate kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, and rowing shells. 

During opening hours, our staff are happy to assist you in getting your boat down, and launching you. If you want to paddle outside of business hours, we can give you access to the boat barn. Paddles and gear can be stored in the cockpit of your boat, or you can bring it with you. 


One month storage is $60. When paying for 3 months or more at a time, the price is $50/month. 


Do you own your own kayak, and want to paddle with friends who lack a sea-worthy vessel? Storing your boat at a rental shop makes it easy to bring friends along- we'll always have a suitable boat or board for them. 

Just bought a kayak, and want to gain the foundational skills to explore on your own? You can start your paddling career off right with a few instructional sessions with a professional guide, who will show you great areas to paddle, and how to navigate and plan for currents, wind and other conditions. Canoe Cove Marina, (our Swartz Bay shop) is the perfect starting point for your adventures. Learn More!


Kayak storage customer testimonial from 2019: 

 "I’m still riding high from the incredible summer I had just about living in my kayak. I took advantage of every good weather day and jumped in my kayak to camp. For three weeks I was able to kayak commute to and from my campsite, to work, and right back on the water after work to camping bliss. I actually paddled by moonglow one early morning!

All this is possible because you and the Pacifica Paddle team make kayaking so easy from Canoe Cove. I didn’t know I would ever have the experiences I did this summer. I’m always happy to steer people in your direction hoping they connect with you and experience all the incredible opportunities with people, animals, and nature kayaking offers.

It was a transformational summer for me for sure.

All the best,  Stephanie"

Storage Lockers at Canoe Cove Marina

Do you have a sailboat, but live elsewhere? Have a shore side storage place, right at the marina. One of our storage customers flies in from the prairies, has the grocery store deliver all their groceries to the marina, and the gear is stored at our shop 100 yards from their boat slip. All they have to do is get a ride from the nearby airport, grab the gear and groceries at the marina, walk down the dock, and they're ready to start sailing! They love the simplicity of this, because it reduces what they have to bring with them each time they travel, and it's a handy, safe place to keep excess gear and spare equipment. 

Pacifica Paddle offers storage lockers of varying size for you to keep your excess gear safe. Talk to us about what you need, and if we don't have the right size, there's space to build a new locker the right size for you. 

Are you a regular paddler, who wants to store your paddling gear with the canoe or kayak so you don't have to carry it back and forth each time? We have small lockers available. Contact us for more details. Price is according to locker size. Discounts available for long term storage customers. 

Canoe Cove Swartz Bay outside boat barn.