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Upcoming Events 2023 


Glow Tours are Back!

Join us for a glow tour this year! 

We launch just before sunset to take advantage of the last bit of daylight and enjoy as the bay lights up in rich colours and the sun drops below the horizon. This is when the magic begins!

  • Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism. On the Saanich Peninsula this organism is a marine dinoflagellate, also known as ‘Sea Sparkle’. Join us to find out more from our knowledgeable guides!

  • Enjoy as the water illuminates below you. Watch for darting fish and other creatures as they create a twinkling light show beneath your kayak.

  • Customer Reviews via Google Reviews: “ felt like we were paddling through a Disney movie adventure” - Taryn 

  • “It was a Christmas snow globe, Disney special effects and glitter all rolled into one amazing display” - T.S

IMG_7972 (1)_edited.jpg

Pacifica at Swartz Bay Canoe Cove

Our second location located in Canoe cove marina is open for weekends until July! Then, it is open daily 9-5 July and August! Come experience the beautiful and untouched coastline of the southern gulf islands. Join us on a tour to learn about local history! Or a lesson to improve your knowledge of currents, tides, and sea state. 

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