We offer kayak lessons for all ability levels. We can help you find the perfect starting point to gain the confidence needed to enjoy your next paddling adventure!


Our approach is simple and effective:

  • Lessons are delivered in a manner that allows for step by step progression so the learning of new skills isn’t overwhelming.

  • Our experienced instructors break down the lessons into skill sets that are easy to understand, remember and apply.

  • We ensure that you gain a practical sense of each skill, which will allow you to understand when and how to best use your new skills to improve your paddling experience.


Our Swartz Bay location offers kayak lessons and conditions that provide a full range of instruction in currents and moving water, while Brentwood Bay offers an ideal starting point for newer paddlers. 

We also offer private kayak lessons as requested.

L1: Introduction - 2 Hours

Proper kayak entry/exit

Basic paddle strokes

Good Techniques


No previous kayaking experience required

Kayak rental and gear included

(L1 lessons are approx. 2 hours long)

2021 Lessons start in April. Click the Book Now button for dates. 



Email: lessons@pacificapaddle.com



L2: Essentials - 2.5 Hours

Wet exits

Kayak re-entry

Individual & partner rescues


No previous kayaking experience required.

Kayak rental and immersion gear included

(L2 lessons are 2 to 2.5 hours long, depending on class size)

Lessons start in May, when temperatures are more conducive to being in the ocean. 

 Email: lessons@pacificapaddle.com


youth age 10 and up are welcome to come with an adult. Youth age 15 and up are welcome to register on their own.

Book your kayak lesson today!

One Hour Workshops

Each session will focus on a specific skill set, such as:

Forward stroke Technique

Low brace/lean turns

Edging/ Edge turns

Charts and Navigation

Currents and Tides

Intensive Core Engagement

L2 or equivalent experience necessary for most sessions

Kayak rental and gear included

 Swartz Bay or

Brentwood Bay

Bi-Weekly Thursdays 7pm-8pm

June 17th Tides, Currents and Weather

July 1 Intensive Core Engagement

July 15 Navigation

 Email: lessons@pacificapaddle.com

Paddle Canada Courses

 Basic Kayak Skills

1 Day course

No Experience required

Kayak rental and gear included

Brentwood Bay


Starting July 2021

 Email: lessons@pacificapaddle.com

Covid-19 health precautions:

We value your health and ours, and are diligent in our cleaning efforts, both in the office and on the dock. In light of Covid-19, we want to reassure you that all gear is cleaned between each use, and social distancing is maintained. Our helpful team has adapted our style of service on the dock to respect a greater distance between customers and employees.  Please reserve, pay, and fill out the waiver online, so there are fewer common touch points in the office.  This also allows you to get on the water faster! 

Upon Arrival at the shop:

·        Wear a mask in our shop and dock. (Employees also wear masks)

·        Please use the hand sanitizer at the front desk

·        We limit our shop to 2 groups inside at a time

·        If members of your group have already signed the online waiver, ask them to stay outside, and only have one person come into the shop