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Paddle board Lessons 

Stand up paddle board lessons are taught by Paddle Canada Instructors at Pacifica Brentwood Bay. 

Tom Humphreys is our in-house instructor who offers beginner and advanced stand up paddle board lessons, catering to the experience level and needs of each paddler. 

Intro to SUP

When: Saturdays 9:15 am - 11:15am

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: $80 + tax per person

Where: Our Brentwood Bay location

Our basic skills course is a great option for those new to stand up paddle boarding, with beginner activities that focus on balance, technique, safety and having fun on your board!


Advanced Lessons and Tours with Pam Martin

Pam specializes in advanced SUP lessons, and multi day coastal touring adventures. Be introduced to paddling & navigating coastal environments around Vancouver Island and across Canada.

Lesson Locations

Majority of the lessons are held in Brentwood Bay.

 Our Brentwood Bay location offers a calm and easy learning area, ideal for beginners. Swartz Bay offers more advanced paddling environments for those wishing to challenge themselves and take their skills to a higher, more confident level. Lessons at Swartz Bay are by request only.

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Lesson Policies & Covid-19 Procedures

What you need to know before embarking on your adventure!

We care about your safety! 

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