We offer SUP (stand up paddle board) lessons for all skill levels. We can help you find the perfect starting point to gain the confidence needed to enjoy your next SUP adventure!


Our approach is simple and effective:

  • Lessons are delivered in a manner that allows for step by step progression so the learning of new skills isn’t overwhelming.

  • Our experienced instructors break down the lessons into skill sets that are easy to understand, remember and apply.

  • We ensure that you gain a practical sense of each skill, which will allow you to understand when and how to best use your new skills to improve your paddling experience.

Our Brentwood Bay location is a great option for those new to stand up paddle boarding, with beginner courses that focus on balance, technique, safety and having fun on your board!


Our Swartz Bay (Canoe Cove) location offers a more advanced paddling environment and is ideal for those wishing to challenge themselves and take their skills to a higher, more confident level. You'll learn navigation, how to paddle in currents, how to further develop your technique and how to plan and prepare for more challenging water conditions.​

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Intro to SUP:
Learn how to get on and off of your board safely, basic paddle strokes, tips on how to balance, and how to get back onto your board if you fall off. This interactive lesson is great for beginners and board owners without any prior formal instruction. Enjoy a more fluid and comfortable paddling experience after some of our pro tips!
No previous paddling experience needed.
Cost: $70 +tax
We offer private SUP Lessons by request.
Call 250 665 7411
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Interested in a certificate course?

We also offer Paddle Canada certified SUP lessons. These courses are offered through our partner, Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures. Please contact Pam Martin by phone at (905) 334-7360 or by email at  for more information or to register for any of the Paddle Canada courses. Private/ Semi- private lessons are also available by request.

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Paddle Canada BASIC Flatwater SUP Skills

Introduces the novice to all the essential skills needed to maneuver a paddleboard in calm sheltered water.

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: Must be comfortable in the water.

Length: 3 hours

Price: $125.00 + GST




Builds on skills and knowledge gained in the Basic SUP course. The participant will be introduced to paddling in more challenging conditions and to more advanced paddle board skills.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisites: Basic Flatwater Certification or equivalent skills as assessed by instructor.

Length: 3 hours

Price: $149.00 + GST

Paddle Canada BASIC/ADVANCED Flatwater SUP Skills Combo

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Prerequisites: Comfortable on a paddle board. Some paddling experience.

​​Length: 4 hours
Price: $245.00 + GST

Next Course: By arrangement. Call or book online

Paddle Canada Coastal Touring 1 SUP Skills: Southern Gulf Islands

An introduction to paddling & navigating in a coastal environment. Get ready for day and overnight trips while discovering the waterways around BC's beautiful Southern Gulf Islands


Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisites: Advanced Flatwater SUP Skills

Format: Friday 5 to 7:30pm  Dryland: Brentwood Bay

             Saturday 10am to 1:00pm On water: Brentwood Bay

             Sunday    10am to 1:00pm On water: Swartz Bay


Cost: $345.00 + GST (gear rental available for $100.00 for the weekend)


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