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Boat Repairs

We offer a variety of maintenance and repair options for kayaks, SUP’s and canoes ranging from a simple tune up to fiberglass and polyester resin repairs.

We Do Not Offer:

  • Inflatable SUP repairs

  • Plastic hull repairs - Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS, etc 

  • Gelcoat colour matching

We Offer:

  • Deck line - lifeline, bungee, hatch straps 

  • Fiberglass and Resin repairs on stress fractures, wear holes and other damage

  • Gelcoat repairs 

  • Rudders - cables, pedals, mounting, etc 

  • Skeg - cables, tubing and box repairs

  • Canoe - gunnels, thwarts, yokes

  • SUP damage - cracks, holes etc

  • Yearly maintenance, polishing, waxing

  • Interior - seats, knee padding, etc

Repairs are on hold November '23 through March '24.  We will resume structural repairs when the weather is warm enough for materials to cure. 

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Standard Services

Basic Tune Up ($65)

  • Full structural inspection 

  • Full bungee replacement 

  • Full deckline replacement

  • Full rudder/skeg inspection 

Basic Detail ($80):

  • Interior clean

  • Deck and hull clean 

  • Deck and hull polish 

Tune Up, Detail & Keel Eazy ($155)

  • Full structural inspection 

  • Full bungee replacement 

  • Full deckline replacement 

  • Full rudder/skeg inspection 

  • Full boat detail - interior clean, deck and hull clean, deck and hull polish

  • 2" wide Keel Eazy applied bow/ stern

Our Repair Team

At Pacifica we offer a panel of highly skilled technicians in order to ensure quality work on your craft

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