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Boat & Gear Sales

Now is the time to plan your spring adventures, and find the perfect vessel for your paddling pleasure.

Whether you want a SUP, sea kayak, or something for the lake, we'll help you get on the water.


Plan ahead and secure your choice of boat and paddle, so we can order the right product for you.!

Boats are a lot like clothes, you want to make sure you have the right fit! Come try out a boat you are interested in before purchasing! 

Our Products



The Eddyline Collection



Hellman Canoe

You will have the opportunity to try out several designs on the water and experience the different styles firsthand to find your perfect fit.



Blu Wave SUP

Our knowledge of boat and gear designs and years of experience in the paddling industry will help find the right product for you at a competitive price.



The Nimbus Collection

You can demo a variety of the products we have for retail.

Come to Brentwood Bay and experience the quality boats and gear for yourself!

Feature Brands

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