We offer canoe lessons for all ability levels. We can help you find the perfect starting point to gain the confidence needed to enjoy your next adventure!


Our approach is simple and effective:

  • Lessons are delivered in a manner that allows for step by step progression so the learning of new skills isn’t overwhelming.

  • Our experienced instructors break down the lessons into skill sets that are easy to understand, remember and apply.

  • We ensure that you gain a practical sense of each skill, which will allow you to understand when and how to best use your new skills to improve your paddling experience.

Our Swartz Bay (Canoe Cove) location offers a more advanced paddling environment and is ideal for those wishing to challenge themselves and take their skills to a higher, more confident level. 

Intro To Canoe- 2 Hrs
Learn how to get in and out of your canoe safely, basic paddling strokes, and how to maneuver efficiently.  This interactive lesson is great for beginners  without any prior formal instruction. You'll get so much more out of your paddling experience after learning some of our pro tips!
No previous paddling experience required. Maximum 6 people per lesson.         Cost: $70 + taxes
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