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Tours at Pacifica 

We specialize in guided Kayak and SUP tours!

Why choose a tour? ​

  • Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will lead you to distinctive locations around Greater Victoria

  • You can learn about the local area and marine life

  • Our kayaks and stand-up paddle boards offer a unique perspective of our coastal shorelines

  • Access destinations that larger boats can’t reach

  • Receive helpful tips on your paddling skills

Whether you're a first-time visitor to the island or a local resident, there's plenty to see and experience above and below the water!

What We Offer:


Experienced Guides

  • We'll share the best spots for marine life

  • Local knowledge and history 

  • Continued support and learning! 

High Quality Gear

  • Personally fitted boats 

  • Choice between kayak or Paddle board tours


Unique Locations

  • Great intertidal life!

  • Two different locations to explore and expand your skill set! 

Friendly Staff

  • Friendly and knowledgable staff always available to help!

  • Ask our staff for cool routes and secret locations!


Swartz Bay Tours

Explore the Southern Gulf Islands by kayak! This incredible destination has no end of beautiful shorelines teaming with intertidal life. There's seals sunning on the rocks at low tide, and eagles soaring above. Our guides can't wait to show you around! This is our recommended tour location, to see the best diversity in wildlife and scenery. 

Brentwood Bay Tours

Come join us in Brentwood Bay on one of our famous Glow Tours and explore the bioluminescence in the bay! We also offer guided day tours that are scenic and relaxing!

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