One Simple Change

Happy New Year!

Winter Paddleboarding, Tod Inlet

There are a few reasons why I’m compelled to begin a conversation about healthy living. For one, if we don’t have our health we find ourselves in a struggle in many areas of our life. My desire is to help others improve their health and create a lifestyle that they enjoy.

For the past year I’ve been paying close attention to my overall health and seeing how it has improved in several ways. It began with not taking enough time during the day during our busy paddle season to have full meals. Thankfully, a good friend suggested that I consider taking a whole food product that would bridge the gap and provide me with the nutrients I needed. Not only have I experienced more energy, better sleep and increased desire to have more healthy foods, by making a simple change, my periodontal health dramatically improved as well.

Making one simple change doesn’t need to be dramatic; it can be as simple as making a choice each day to:

  • Reduce the amount of sugar or salt

  • Taking 30 minutes and get outside for a walk, run or paddle no matter if the weather is grey and wet

  • Drink 2 extra glasses of water

  • Plan ahead so wholesome meals are easy to make at the end of the day

Keep well,


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