The Spirit of the Sirius can be traced back to one of modern sea kayaking's most famous and successful designs, the P&H Baidarka Explorer of the 1970's.

The successor to the Baidarka would have a lot to live up to, so the Sirius was designed wit the finest attributes of this iconic kayak in mind.
Fast, of excellent stability for its beam and able to perform well in a variety of sea and weather conditions, the Sirius is a fine example of classic design in harmony with modern materials, technology and quality. This kayak is extremely quick for its beam yet remarkably stable.

Further Specs:
Optimum load range (approx): 65-115kgs / 143-253 lbs

Standard Features:
• Retractable Skeg
• Adjustable Footrest
• Adjustable Seat
• Adjustable Backrest
• Day Compartment

Used Sirius P&H kayak