The Quinsam has been develop with the low-angle paddler in mind. If you prefer to keep your paddle stroke low and wide, this is likely the style for you.

With a surface area nearly identical to the Kiska, the Quinsam still moves the same amount of water, but transfers the majority of the blade’s contact area to the tip, giving a more effective transfer of power through those low-angle strokes. 

Quinsam Nimbus Kayak Paddle

  • Weight and Dimensions:

    Carbon – 740grams (26oz)

    Fiberglass – 850grams (30oz)

    Blade size – 16.5cm x 46cm

    • Most ideal for a low-angle stroke
    • Great for day excursions, long trips, and expeditions.
    • Suitable for most ocean conditions
    • Fits paddlers of all sizes and levels