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We are currently sold out of ALL Eddyline kayaks but we will be recieving another order in February! Due to the manufacturer's limited supply, there is limited avalibility in this order so make sure to contact us and put down a deposit!


You will feel like you are dancing when you slip into the snug keyhole cockpit and feel the effortless acceleration from your paddle strokes.

Have a little maneuvering to do?  Just edge this sweetie on its side and with a stroke of the paddle you will feel her carve like a fine German knife.  Need to get across that big channel?  Drop the skeg down and feel the rails set in for great straight tracking.  Quartering seas or cross winds a bother?  Just fine-tune the skeg position to neutralize the problem and keep on with your normal stroke. 

“A stable but lively boat for small to medium paddlers, the Samba [now called the Sitka ST] is a fun kayak that maneuvers well and can provide safe passage in wind, keep up in group paddles, and provide an easy car top due to its light weight.” – Samba Review Sea Kayaker January 2011


The Sitka ST is a fully outfitted sea-worthy kayak with perimeter lines, bulkheads and hatches, retractable carry handles, deck bungees and adjustable seat and backrest. The backrest and our optional backband are fully interchangeable. She also sports a drop down skeg for a wider range of hull performance. This boat is just plain fun!

See Eddyline for more details. 


This boat is for small to medium paddlers.

For medium sized paddlers, try the Sitka LT. For larger paddlers, check out the Sitka XT.

Eddyline Sitka ST Kayak

  • Length: 13' 9"

    Beam: 22.5"

    Weight: 43 lbs

    Cockpit Size: Keyhole 31.5" x 16.5"

    Capacity: 300 lbs

    Volume: 10.2 cu. ft.

    Seat: Sliding