Available for in store pick up only

Pacifica will have 2 arriving late April. One is Seagrass green, the other is sapphire blue/ silver. Contact us to pre-order, and put a deposit on one to guarantee the boat is reserved for you. 


From Eddyline: "The original Sandpiper is an Eddyline classic, and we are excited to introduce the Sandpiper 130, new for the 2019 season. The Sandpiper 130 has a large cockpit making getting in or out of the kayak a breeze, even from a dock or boat deck. This 13 foot kayak comes with a removable Cloud 10 frame seat. Paddle for hours in total comfort, then take the seat with you for a beach chair. The rear hatch is an 18 inch wide oval, making this kayak ideal for hauling bulky gear that won’t fit in a standard hatch. The large cockpit and ample storage space make this kayak a great option for the paddler looking to get on the water with plenty of gear, your dog, or a child."


For more info : https://eddyline.com/kayak-model/sandpiper130

Eddyline Sandpiper 130 Kayak

  • Specifications

    Length: 13'

    Beam: 28"

    Weight: 49 lbs

    Cockpit Size: 48" x 22"

    Capacity: 390 lbs

    Seat: Removable framed Cloud 10

  • Available for in store pick up only

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