Staying Healthy Now, Through Covid-19 Times

Mental Health Monday

Paddling away from the stress of our pandemic afflicted world is so good for a person's health- mentally and physically. 

We're offering free paddling on Mondays, to help you through these challenging times. 

Come to our Brentwood Bay shop any Monday until the end of April for a free rental!

Be Nurtured by Nature- Be Here.

Giving back to the community we love! 

$20 Tuesdays

Stay active, stay healthy!

Every Tuesday through April you'll get $20 off your rental!

Single kayaks, SUPs and Canoes are now only $20 for 2 hours until the end of April!!!

Visit us in Brentwood Bay- rentals are available 9:00 until 7:00 (last rental starting at 5pm) 

Planning Ahead for Brighter Days

Gulf Islands Adventures Foundation

This summer, we're giving you a foundation of skills and knowledge in kayaking, so you have the confidence to explore our coasts all year long!

If you prefer paddleboarding, Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures is here for you.

You can start the summer off right with a few instructional sessions with a professional guide, who will show you great areas to paddle, and how to navigate and plan for currents, wind and other conditions. Canoe Cove Marina, (our Swartz Bay shop) is the perfect starting point for your adventures. 

These sessions will start with a 2 hour intro to the local Gulf Islands, with a navigation focus. 

There will be 2 sessions between 3- 4.5 hours that include more exploring, a lunch break, and learning about tides, currents, reading the water, and how to plan a trip. 

This is ideal for groups of 2-5 -cost per person is reduced with each friend you add! Gather a few paddling friends, and we'll work with you to make a custom schedule.

Kayak Owners - Bring a Friend

Do you own your own kayak, and want to paddle with friends who lack a sea-worthy vessel? 

Do you get tired of beach launches? 

We'll make your life easier! Bring 2 or more friends or family members who are renting from us, and you can launch from our ramp for free! No wet feet, no wobbling from docks- start comfortably and confidently. 

(Normally a $5 launch/ parking fee applies at our Swartz Bay location, and at Brentwood we recommend launching from the beach to the right of the ferry)

Are you tired of hauling your boat down to the water? Store your kayak, canoe or SUP at our dock!

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