Stand up paddle board lessons are taught by Paddle Canada Instructors Tom Humphreys and Pam Martin at both Pacifica Paddle locations

Our Brentwood Bay location is a great option for those new to stand up paddle boarding, with beginner courses that focus on balance, technique, safety and having fun on your board!


Our Swartz Bay (Canoe Cove) location offers a more advanced paddling environment and is ideal for those wishing to challenge themselves and take their skills to a higher, more confident level. You'll learn navigation, how to paddle in currents, how to further develop your technique and how to plan and prepare for more challenging water conditions.​

Tom Humphreys is our in-house instructor who offers beginner and advanced stand up paddle board lessons.

Pam Martin focuses on customized lessons which are explained in further detail on her website Blue Jellyfish.

Basic SUP Skills 

 Pacifica  Brentwood Bay

An introduction to the basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding with an emphasis on safety, skills and fun. Custom dates available for 2+ people.

Advanced SUP Skills

 Pacifica Swartz Bay

Introduces participants to paddling in more challenging conditions & to more advanced skills. Custom dates available for 2+ people.

Custom Lessons and Tours with Pam Martin

Pam specializes in advanced SUP lessons customized to each paddler and coastal touring. Be introduced to paddling & navigating coastal environments. 

Full Day Lunch and


Enjoy a full day of paddleboard and kayak lessons at our beautiful Swartz Bay location! Red Barn lunch included.