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Group Bookings and Events

Do you have a corporate retreat, youth group, or family reunion coming up? Why not book a group event at Pacifica Paddle! We are offering discounted rates for group rentals, tours for up to 30 paddlers, and group packages which include approximate rates for a meal at Brentwood Resort, a Beautiful Paddle in Brentwood Bay, and a yoga session at Funketown. Discounted rates are provided upon larger group bookings up to a maximum 15% off rentals for a group of 15 or more!


If your group is interested in booking, please provide us with two weeks notice so we can get you and your family, business, church, or school, nurtured by nature in beautiful Brentwood Bay!

Pebble Beach

Events and Pricing

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Half Day 1

Want to nurture your body? Start the day off with a calming paddle in the afternoon or morning and finish with a delicious cooked meal at the Brentwood Bay Resort. 



Half Day 2

Want to nurture you mind? Go for a paddle in beautiful Brentwood Bay and finish the day with a yoga session at Funketown Studio. 



Full Day Excursion

Want the best of both worlds? Plan a full day with relaxing yoga in the morning followed by a delicious meal and a paddle to unwind on beautiful Brentwood Bay.


Why Community Events?

Community events help grow local business and introduces locals and tourists to the wonderful amenities Vancouver Island has to offer.  By creating group packages we share customers and help create nurturing relationships amongst the community to promote wellness; one way we give back. Whether you paddle one time or one hundred times, we at Pacifica Paddle believe community activities and nature can have a profound beneficial impact on community wellbeing. 


Additional Events/Tours

Additionally we are happy to host groups wanting private daytime and glow tours this summer! Enjoy a personalized day or night time tour with your family or organization at a discounted rate depending on group size with a paddle plan specifically tuned to group interest and skill level! While half and full day events provide a variety of entertainment and team building activities in the community. Private tours are fantastic for filling tighter schedules and still getting out into Brentwood to be nurtured by nature. For more information check the Tours page.

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