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Paddle Passes!

Love to paddle? Enjoy saving money? We sure do!

Purchase a paddle pass for ONLY $20 today and start saving money right away!

With this pass: you get a free rental every 4 rentals of a kayak or SUP.

The best part is that it lasts 1 year from the date of your purchase!

Only you can use your Paddle Pass, come by the shop to learn more!


Paddle Passport!

Paddle Passport!

We have created a passport/punch card for our customers so they can receive discounts on our tours and rentals.

On the passport: You must check off all the circles - 1 Tour, 1 Social paddle and 2 Rentals.

If you are able to fill out the following, we will offer a 50% off discount on rentals and 15% off discount on tours at our Swartz Bay location!

Present to staff once completed to receive your redemption code.

Coupon can be redeemed until August 31st, 2021!


Recreational kayaks and SUP's are still available!

We have a few Eddyline Kayaks left in stock!

These include: A blue Skylark which is a 12 foot boat for a small/medium paddler,

a green Rio which is a 11.9 foot boat for a paddler on the smaller side as well. We have a 12 foot green Sandpiper for a large/x-large paddler. One of our favorites that we have as well is the Sitka ST in yellow which is more of a touring boat rather than a recreational, this is a 13.9 foot boat for a small/medium paddler. These are highly sought after kayaks and we encourage you to stop by the shop for a test drive or more information from our knowledgeable staff!

We have ISUP's in stock!

These are the Blu Wave Allsport line inflatable SUP's. We currently have the 10'10 sizes at our shop!

You can come by our Brentwood Bay location anytime to see them in person and give them a go for yourself. We will also provide you with more information and explain the pro/cons of using an inflatable board!


Friday Night Social Paddle